How to Transform Your Fashion Style

Thinking of changing your look? Tired of being style-challenged? Here are a few tips on how to update your style without becoming fashion roadkill:

1. Refurbish, Reuse, Recycle.

Start bringing your fashion style up-to-date with what you already have. Take everything out of your closet. (And by ‘everything’, I mean, EVERYTHING.) Now, sort every article of clothing you own into one of three piles. First, you have the “still on trend” and/or “”classic pieces”” pile. Next, you have the “outdated, but may still be usable” pile. And lastly, you have the “OMG, what was I thinking???” pile.

It’s obvious which pile has to go. It’s a simple matter, really: if you can’t use it, get rid of it.

2. Give your shoes a second chance at life.

Have them cleaned and repaired, if you need to. Unless the shoes are helplessly and hopelessly dated, most of them still have a lot of life in them. Some shoes can be re-dyed to brighten up their colors, while others (especially those made of canvas) may only need some good, old-fashioned washing.

You can also recondition leather with some emu oil to give new life to those worn wingtips. Why, you can even channel  your inner Manolo Blahnik and embellish your tired, old pumps with crystals and beads aplenty!

3. Mix, Match, and Accessorize.

Now that you have cleaned and organized your closet, try mixing and matching tops and bottoms like you’ve never done before. Add a little extra while you’re at it, like a funky new belt, or even a flashy men’s tie.

4. Call a friend.

This is preferably someone with more fashion sense than you. This person should be able to give an honest opinion on what would look good on you, as well as share fashion tips that won’t leave you clueless.

5. Don’t forget who’s wearing the clothes.

Clothes make the woman (or man!), so they say. But wearing the best clothes won’t really work if your hair is all over the place and you badly need a manicure. Know that clothes go hand-in-hand with good grooming, so get yourself buffed, shined, and polished to complete the package.

6. Know when it’s time to spend.

What you have in your closet may be enough for the meantime, but switching it around can get old after a while. When trying to transform your style, take the opportunity to invest in a few (or a lot) of key pieces for your closet.

7. Get out of your comfort zone.

You know which styles and colors already look good on you, but why be a stick-in-the-mud? There are probably some styles that you are just dying to try. So don’t limit what you can wear with what you’re used to. Try something new, wear it, and be one with it.

8. If it doesn’t fit, alter it.

Ready-to-wear clothing doesn’t mean simply buying it and putting it on. Most people just go and buy clothes for the “style” rather than the fit and end up with ill-fitting but trendy clothes. If you can’t resist a particular style but it just doesn’t fit your physique, there is no law against you changing it. Nor do you have to do without it, just because it’s a little loose on you. Simply find someone who can fix it but won’t mangle it, and use your imagination.

9. Don’t forget the basics.

Always have some classic pieces in your closet, as well as neutral colors. These are pieces that you can easily incorporate with the changing trends. Color trends may come and go, but black is always in, for one. Take it from there.

10. Go custom.

Ah yes, the ultimate fashion statement: have it made to your specifications! Build up a particular piece you want from the ground up. That is to say, you choose everything from the fabric, to the style and measurement, to the color. If it’s a tailored, powder blue woman’s tuxedo that you want, this is probably the way to get it.

Always remember that your clothes should fit you and not the other way around. You don’t always have to have the latest look. The one that looks and feels good on you would do more than alright.

Taking the Plunge: How to End a Relationship

No matter what your reason for breaking up is, it’s always hard to let go of someone who has shared your life. Ending a relationship is no easy task, but be aware that it is only the beginning. It’s a very messy, difficult, and often destructive affair, and here are some tips to help you get through the ordeal with as little damage and drama as possible.

Before The Breakup

• Think it through.

Ending a relationship is a lot like chess; it’s often a touch move. Whether you meant it or not, when you say, “it’s over”, it’s bound to cause some damage. It’s worse if your partner takes your words to heart and takes the initiative to actually end the relationship without you being 100% sure that it is what you want. It’s hard enough to get the words out, but it’s even harder to take them back in the end. Before you do or say anything drastic, make sure you have a good reason for wanting to break up – and it’s really what you want.

• Never let emotions rule you.

A lot of good relationships have crumbled because rash decisions were made in the heat of the moment. Impulse is the worst decision-maker, and almost all decisions made on the spur of the moment are the ones that you regret later when your head is clearer. So if it looks like this is where you and your partner are heading when in a fight, don’t get up and leave. Take a step back, draw in a deep breath, and say that you need some time to cool down.

• Know your reasons, and stick to them.

You might want to break up because you’re no longer happy, or you feel like the relationship is going stagnant, or you need space and time to think, or you feel like you’re not growing in this relationship. Whatever is on your mind, however, you need good, real reasons to break up with a person. Just because you “feel like it” is not a reason at all.

• Pick an appropriate time and place.

When you’re 100% sure that you want to end your relationship, the next thing you have to do is to find a good time and place to do it. It’s never appropriate to break up with someone in the middle of a fight. Public places are not advisable at all as these affairs tend to get very emotional. Being drunk is a no-no, as well, even if you might find courage in being intoxicated. Choose a quiet, private place, as well as a time when both of you are clear-headed and ready to sound make decisions. Your owe your partner that much.

During The Breakup

• Take a deep breath, and just do it.

True, this is a very emotional process, but there is no need to make a big scene out of it. Calmly and clearly state that
you want to end the relationship, and give your reasons why. Do not lie, as this will only cause further pain and anger for both of you.

• Expect backlash.

You’re not going to walk out of it unscathed, so brace yourself for a negative reaction from your partner. This can range from anger (“How can you do this to me?”); to guilt tripping (“I gave you everything you’ve ever asked for!”); to being piteous (“No one else will ever love me.”); to good, old-fashioned blackmail (“If you break up with me, I’ll make sure our friends will never talk to you again!”). Just stay calm and focused, and by all means, stick to your decision.

• Make sure that your ex understands the terms of the breakup.

There’s no denying that at some point in the future, one or both of you will get the urge to make contact. It is important not to give in to this. In order to heal and move on, you both have to go through a period of “no contact.” Otherwise, it’ll just make things harder.

• Walk away.

This may sound rather harsh and quite cold, but this is essential in finalizing the breakup. It may hurt to know that you’re leaving something you were part of behind, but it will be more painful if you allow the relationship to become an endless cycle of arguments that will hold both of you down.

After The Breakup

• Put away everything that reminds you of that person.

Keeping old photos, text messages, letters, and other keepsakes is torture. Furthermore, this will hold back the detachment and healing process. Lock them up somewhere where you can’t easily get to them. Better yet, get rid of them entirely.

• Don’t fall for the “we can still be friends” ploy.

Allowing your ex to remain in your life is like rubbing salt on the wound. Remnants of old feelings can cloud your judgment and make you doubt yourself. This is why the period of “no contact” is absolutely essential. It is, indeed, best to keep your distance for a while until your wounds heal and you’re ready to communicate again.

Yes, ending a relationship is a very difficult process that will leave you scarred and your heart in shreds, regardless if you ended it or not. It is, however, still necessary to give both of you the chance to grow as individuals. Ultimately, you will both learn something from the relationship’s mistakes and become better people – ready for new and better relationships to come by.